The primary mission of our establishment, active in Pozzallo for more than 7 years, is to give visitors an original Sicilian experience, welcoming them with typical mediterranean joy and warmth, guaranteeing a versatile and varied service, according to their different needs.

Discretion and Professionalism are our key words.

We offer a basic service, including all necessary comforts, and in addition we offer other special services, which allow you to discover more secrets of our area.

Holiday home "Pietre Nere" happily offers its clients two options:

The “Basic” Apartment
Fresh and full of light, ideal for young couples who love flexibility and look for the maximum comfort, with excellent value for money.
The “Exclusive” Apartment
Comfortable and pleasant, for a larger group of people who love going on holiday together; the apartment directly overlooks the promenade of Pietre Nere, with its balcony facing the sea, where you can have breakfast while contemplating the sun rise.

Both apartments are located in one of the prominent palazzi in Dell'Arno Street, each with a separate entrance and every room has air conditioning and a heat pump for the winter season.

The building is located less than 100 meters from the sea, which is the pride of our city Pozzallo, more than once decorated with the “Blue Flag” recognition given to all the Italian beaches that meet specific hygiene and security requirements.

Our services include the basic HOLIDAY HOME "tout court" formula, where the client organises their own holiday and the lodging spaces are available for the time that is best suited.

Starting from the basic formula, Holiday Home “Pietre Nere” offers the possibility to add extra services, such as breakfast delivered to home, a guided tour through the Sicilian hinterland, discovering the countless secrets that our thousand year old land can reveal.

We also offer horse riding and for food lovers there is the possibility to get discounts in various restaurants in the region.

The idea is to give the client all the tools to create the best possible holiday package, based on their budget and on their personal interpretation of “relaxation”.

Holiday Homes “Pietre Nere”, are born from a territory rich in culture, gastronomy and fun like ibleo, with the wish to share these wonders with whomever doesn´t yet know them, with the enthusiasm and the pride to be part of a land with a million year old cultural background, the result of the encounter of different cultures, the fulcrum of the Mediterranean.

Holiday Homes “Pietre Nere” are very happy to welcome guests to its spaces and to offer the best that our Pozzallo, with its sea and its enchanting landscapes, the Province of Ragusa, with the Baroque and the outstanding gastronomy, and Sicily, cradle of Mediterranean culture, have to offer. We will happily give advice on overnight stays and on the creation of different “holiday” packages, according to individual needs, to find the ideal formula.

The only rule of a travel is: don´t come back as you left. Come back different.
(Anne Carson)

In short, this quote holds the vision of Holiday Homes “Pietre Nere”, enabling our guests to live a really unique holiday, that will change each one of them, leaving unforgettable memories, images, colours and smells.

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